The project outcomes

During the project lifetime, more than 100 photo reportages about volunteer work in the participating partner countries were produced. These reports provided examples of interesting volunteer activities in a wide variety of areas, such as sports, social sectors, health, integration of marginalized groups, Emergency and Catastrophic Aid, culture, art and protection of nature and animals.

The appreciation of all these volunteers has been greatly enhanced through the project. Furthermore, the immense importance and benefits of volunteer work was expressed. It is not only of great economic importance, but also improves almost all areas of society. Not a few areas, for example emergency and catastrophic aid, sports, culture and nature conservation can only function through the commitment of volunteers. The volunteers themselves can also benefit from their commitment.

Through the Volunteers4Europe exhibitions in Rastatt/GER, Stockholm/Sweden, Tallinn/Estonia, Trieste/Italy and Nice/France, many people have been reached and encouraged to get involved in volunteer work. Through the project, many volunteers were able to present their work at national and European level.

The e-book, which was published at the end of the project and contains all the photo reportages from the project, significantly strengthens the sustainability of the project. As an Open Educational Resource, the extensive work can serve countless people in Europe as an interesting, free source of information about volunteering in Europe. The project has contributed to the transnational exchange and dissemination of information on volunteering.

Further results of the project are listed in chronological order under "Project activities".